Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bonne année!

So, two weeks from today I will be heading out of Dulles on my way to Dakar, Senegal. As the days pass, figuring out what to pack and finding climate-friendly clothes is becoming increasingly daunting. One day I think I want to bring my laptop and the next, I convince myself that it's a bad idea. I recently found three lightweight long sleeve shirts at a good price, but I still need a pair of lightweight pants, since mostly I just own dark jeans. On top of it all, I still haven't decided what I should bring as a gift for my host family. The orientation aid suggested a photo frame, but I need to see what Josh Davenport, my Dakar housemate, is going to bring.

In the meantime, my brother just pointed out this article on lead poisoning in Thiaroye Sur Mer. Please read it and leave your thoughts and comments. It reminds me a bit of a chapter I read for my Violence in Francophone Literature course on the experience of globalization and development from Le viol de l'imaginaire by Aminata Traoré. The article can be found at

Since I'm on the topic of globalization, here's the clip from the Senegalese film Hyènes that was on my previous blog.

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  1. Packing for a semester is so terrible... hope you managed it okay!